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Enhanced Terminal Emulation

Despite popular belief, the majority of the corporate business logic and mission critical data still resides on IBM mainframes and VT hosts. Terminal Emulation is the simplest, most cost-effective solution to access this business logic and data. Hence, Terminal Emulation remains the dominant application in Automatic Data Collection (ADC) solutions for barcode enabled handheld devices.

Accessing host applications from “connected” handheld devices requires an efficient, graphical terminal emulation application software running on handheld devices.

Handheld terminal emulation makes sense because:

  • With a TE application running on the device, no changes are required to the existing backend / host applications. This allows users to upgrade to a new technology device, without any investments or risks in the backend / host systems
  • A native TE client running on the device delivers a higher productivity, higher usability solution
  • A TE client directly interfaces with the host application. This minimizes the failure points between the handheld terminal and the host application
  • A TE solution today provides a stepping stone migration path for those who eventually want to get to web based solutions.

TouchStar Technologies Ltd provides the industry’s most innovative handheld terminal emulation for data capture solutions. Our product portfolio includes tailored terminal emulation with integrated support for barcode scanning and mobile printing

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