Warehouse Identification and Floor Marking Systems

Our experience within the warehousing distribution and logistics industry has enabled us to bring together a complete and comprehensive range of warehouse identification and floor marking systems to suit any budget.

We specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of warehouse identification systems to include:

  • Location Labelling – (Alpha, Numeric, Alphanumeric and Barcodes) for Racking and Shelving Structures to accurately identify stock positions.
  • Signage – Including Aisle Markers, Load Notices, Internal and External Signs and a range of industrial floor lines, marking and coatings.

The product range is complemented at either end of the manufacturing process, initially through design and consultancy through to installation and maintenance.

Working closely with warehouse management systems companies and IT departments to ensure interaction between systems and practical functioning of operation, TouchStar will design and produce a customised solution to meet your needs.