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There is no doubt that in recent years the paper shredding industry has perhaps surprisingly evolved into a thriving business around the world driven by the ever increasing demand for the secure shredding of paper.

This is because there has been a steady flow of incidents concerning the discovery of highly confidential documents being found in the public domain such as draft memos, customer correspondence, price lists, computer printouts, accounts and payrolls. When office waste bins are emptied it sparks a chain that lacks any form of security as the contents pass from the cleaner, the refuse collectors and finally to the rubbish tip.

When you consider that some of these document types are covered by the Data Protection Act 1984 which must be destroyed as a statutory obligation whilst the remainder at best could cause damaging financial implications and corporate embarrassment. The real benefits adopting a responsible approach to paper shredding becomes very apparent. Fortunately the formation of Reisswolf Scotland Limited in 2007 has resulted in the recent introduction of a responsible service provider offering a secure alternative in the UK.

As part of Reisswolf International founded in 1996 to build a comprehensive European service in high security document destruction. Reisswolf Scotland is part of a current, ever expanding organisation with 58 operations across twenty one countries.

As part of the company's determination to provide the UK with a service that included superior product traceability particularly for Blue Chip and Public Sector companies, Reisswolf Scotland has recently linked up with Green Oak Solutions and TouchStar to offer a system that can discretely identify and track waste paper containers on delivery and collection, both to and from their clients premises then continue monitoring the status of the paper waste through to and throughout the destruction process.

Reisswolf's core elements are a closed circuit chain filling all security gaps providing clients with the required quantity of security containers which are all fitted with security locks ensuring protection against unauthorised access at all times. These containers are then collected by one of Reisswolf's own vehicles and transported back to one of their high security destruction centres. Each stage of the process and issue a certificate of destruction as confirmation that documents have been securely shredded.

The system developed by Green Oak and TouchStar for Reisswolf Scotland is based on the 'Atlanta' 8000 series Windows CE mobile computer and has the capability to read the RFID tag affixed to the security container and record client location and signature. The Atlanta system then continues to log collection and delivery and transmit the data back to Reisswolf's headquarters via GPRS and a printed receipt is produced on a mobile printer through a vehicle mounted charge and communications cradle.

Bill Niven, CEO of Reisswolf Scotland points out that the company was looking for a system that could discretely identify and track its waste paper containers, monitoring the status of paper waste throughout the collection to destruction process and chose a solution based on data capture hardware from TouchStar combined with software from Green oak Solutions. He adds, "We were interested in utilising RFID tagging technology on the containers and also using a real time mobile computing solution that provided visibility at all stages of the process. We were already an existing user of Green Oak's 'ReCycler' software product and TouchStar convinced us they could provide the RFID compatible hardware that would exactly fit our requirements."

This innovative system with its enhanced data collection facility is now readily available in the waste management sector and to date Reisswolf Scotland are delighted with the very high service levels it has produced. Bill Niven concludes, "We know just how rigorous and secure our disposal procedures are but it is also vitally important for our clients to be equally reassured and in our opinion the TouchStar/Green Oak solutions system gives true end to end traceability which has helped Reisswolf consolidate its position as the leading operator in this important waste management sector.

"The data collection units have been well received by our operatives because they are small and ergonomically well designed and we are always evaluating new technological developments. Reisswolf Scotland is currently examining the real time location capabilities of GPS technology as a possible means of further service enhancement in the form of vehicle routing and even more precise tracking of containers."