25 May 2017

Embrace the right technologies and you’re sure to improve the efficiency and productivity of your warehouse – with your business and its customers benefiting from improved revenues and faster deliveries as a result.

There’s a diverse range of innovative solutions on offer, including barcode scanners and printers, handheld computers, and even warehouse management software.

Whatever it is you need, TouchStar is committed to ensuring you get the most from your investment, during the initial implementation stage and beyond. And, as part of this commitment, our dedicated team of in-house engineers provide a range of support services. Here, we run through just a few of the ways we will be there for you:

Around-the-clock helpdesk

Getting used to new technology can be a daunting prospect for you and your team, and questions will no doubt be raised; ‘How can I do this?’, ‘How does this work?’, ‘Why isn’t this performing as it should?’. Thankfully our expert engineers are on hand to provide answers, whatever the query and whenever it arises.

This means we can sort issues quickly without having to arrange for time-consuming site visits and you can get back to running your operation with minimal disruption. There are various UK-based helpdesk and out-of-hours emergency support packages available, so you can choose one that fits your needs and budget.

Pre-emptive maintenance

We want to help you keep your business running smoothly at all times, so to further minimise disruption, annual health checks are available with TouchStar service packages. We’ll come to your business and ensure all the installed equipment on site is operating as it should. This also means we can identify and rectify issues before they cause any downtime for you.

The result is less downtime, fewer maintenance visits throughout the year and a significantly longer life for your system.

Always at the ready

When a device or system shows signs of damage or malfunction, we’ll ask that you report it immediately, and you can do this through TouchStar’s user-friendly e-portal booking system. It’s been designed to capture all the information we need to carry out repairs or provide the necessary support quickly and efficiently, so you’re up and running again in minimal time.

As well as handling bookings, our system tracks the repair process from start to finish so you can see exactly what’s happening with your case.

On top of this, an enhanced rapid support package offers a four-hour response time from our on-call engineers, with guaranteed service level agreements for added peace of mind.

First-class stock replacements

Our engineers are experts when it comes to fixing things – especially our own products – but when necessary we’re also ready to replace malfunctioning devices to keep everything running smoothly for your business. To minimise hassle even further, our fully managed service solutions include collection and delivery, meaning you needn’t lift a finger after reporting. Our gold stock swap-out devices even come configured, ready to work out of the box – another time-saving stroke of wisdom.

The range of support we offer to customers is sizeable to say the least; we really are determined to ensure our products enhance your business just as they’ve been designed to do. To find out more about the different support packages available, get in touch today.