08 June 2017

Process control: How to ensure steps are followed

The latest technologies can significantly improve your warehouse productivity. Designed to reduce paperwork, increase efficiency and maximise revenue, TouchStar’s solutions in particular are already being used by businesses across the UK – and with fantastic results.

The journey to a truly optimised warehouse doesn’t end with the initial implementation, however; you also need to make sure staff are using your new systems properly. Any corner-cutting or misunderstanding could have costly consequences for your business.

So, with limited day-to-day visibility of your employees, how do you go about ensuring all procedures are followed? The following tips should help.

Start with comprehensive training

It may sound simple but training is an afterthought for a surprisingly large number of businesses these days.

Expecting your intelligent, self-sufficient staff to just ‘use their initiative’ with new systems and processes can backfire massively. You must ensure everyone’s sufficiently prepared beforehand, and that they’re updated whenever something changes – however slight.

If an employee doesn’t fully understand a system they use every day, they may well start taking shortcuts instead of asking for help. It’s best for everyone if you don’t let it get to that stage.

Don’t be afraid to incentivise

Carefully selected incentives can drive your staff to perform better in any area of business, and following procedures is no exception. If there’s a particular stumbling block in your processes, consider using rewards to get people into the right routine.

It may be that employees who record the fewest errors are given extra time off or even a bonus in their end-of-year pay packet. Don’t go over the top, of course, but recognition is sometimes all it takes to provide that extra bit of motivation.

Rely on the right technologies

The easier you make it for staff to follow procedures closely, the more likely they are to get it right every time.

It’s worth noting here that technology itself can be used to help ensure staff follow procedures correctly. Receiving and picking of goods is the perfect example here, as it can be configured in a way that aligns perfectly with your workflows; actions must be completed in a certain order, for instance, with workers not able to continue to the next step without having completed the previous one.

Remote monitoring is also possible with the right technologies in place, meaning you can keep a closer eye on how your employees are working and what procedures they’re following. This alone should encourage staff to take the right steps.

It’s crucial that you look for user-friendliness in the system you implement – it should be easy for employees to navigate through each screen, so it becomes second nature. Versatility is also important, as the solution may need to be configured differently for different staff and jobs.

Here to help

TouchStar’s innovative solutions are designed to help delivery and logistics businesses simplify processes and increase efficiency across the board – in warehouses and beyond. To find out more about the technologies on offer, get in touch today.