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TouchStar’s success in the UK mobile computing marketplace has been based not only upon the production of quality hardware but also large scale investment in support services. TouchStar supporting services ensure that technical advice is available when you need it, product down-time is minimised and that assistance can be provided in the development of new applications/business process improvements.

TouchStar’s success, on a global basis, is dependant upon being able to offer superlative levels of pre and post-sale service support. For this reason, TouchStar’s Partners are subject to intensive initial vetting and, once

TouchStar Warehouse and Logistics Authorised Hardware Re-Seller Logo

appointed, undergo rigorous training on TouchStar’s products and technologies. Where you see the ‘TouchStar Authorised Partner’ logo you can be assured that the company in question has been thoroughly trained on the TouchStar product line and has full capability to sell and support.

Our software house partners have a further level of certification - where you see the ‘TouchStar Certified Software Partner’ logo you can be assured that there has been formal testing of the interface/integration aspects of software and TouchStar hardware.

TouchStar Warehouse and Logistics Certified Software Partner Logo

Hardware Partners

TouchStar Technologies Ltd is a leader in the design and manufacture of rugged mobile computers. Our supported range of devices is based on cutting edge technology and intelligent ergonomic design. Products are only supported by us following vigorous testing both on the test bench and in the

field. This policy applies to both our in-house manufactured units and any third party devices that we decide to promote and support. The following are manufacturers whose devices we support and whose equipment we deem to be technically advanced and fit-for-purpose.

Cisco, Datalogic, DLOG, Zebra, Honeywell, HP and Panasonic Logos